Nivedhana in April 2010

Nivedhana, Sadish, Edwin, Ethan, and Edwin's Dad on Easter day
Nivedhana and her mom Geetha
Nivedhana at Apple Store Sugar Land TX

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3 Responses to Nivedhana in April 2010

  1. Nivedhana says:

    Even my name is Nivedhana…… :)
    who named this little girl as Nivedhana???because this is not a common name na???
    usually they ll name the baby as Nivedhita,nivetha or some thing like that….

  2. Sadish says:

    My wife named her. Glad to know another Nivedhana. :)

  3. sadish says:

    Wait a second, your name is Nivedhana too? I’m Sadish’s Daughter, Nivedhana. ( I’m 9 years old right now.)

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